We’re Different


We don’t come into a community with our own ideas for how to fix things. We listen to local leaders who want to partner with us to transform their community. We don’t give hand outs that create dependency. We help entrepreneurs develop the tools to build their own sustainable and successful business. We don’t portray [...]

How Change Happens


We’ve identified four different areas where entrepreneurs need support in order to holistically grow their business and create jobs. ¬†We call these our strategic activities. Through these avenues our network of affiliates works with entrepreneurs to co-create successful and thriving businesses and communities. Mentoring Both local and international business professionals are a source of encouragement, [...]

Our Entrepreneurs


Each of our Dignity Partner entrepreneurs represents a region of the world where we work. These hard-working men and women have a natural combination of talent and perseverance. They are entrepreneurs because they want to change their own lives, their families and their communities. They inspire us every day. These entrepreneurs are only one of [...]

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